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FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite


FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite


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FIBARO Home Center 3 Lite System

Quick Overview

Fibaro HC3 Lite

This new Fibaro home controller offers impressive hardware and integration options for installers and clients. This excellent Smart Home controller offers next generation hardware, including:

CPU: Single-Core ARM Cortex A7 900 MHz

The Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite is the perfect controller for small Home Automation projects, offering an excellent solution for smaller homes or apartments. The system is recommended for Smart Homes with up to 40 Z-Wave devices and 20 scenes. But, don’t be mistaken by it’s size, the Fibaro HC3 Lite offers an affordable solution without having to compromise on quality. With this new system you’ll be able to automate a variety of solutions, including:

Fibaro HC3 Lite Solutions

Product Details


The FIBARO System will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

  • Smoke detection
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Flood detection
  • Operation as a wireless alarm system
  • Cooperation with the existing wired alarm system (eg SATEL) and security companies
  • Emergency door opening
  • Closing the roller shutters when you are away


The FIBARO System will help you ensure the right conditions for your health.

  • Humidity control
  • Smart heating
  • Measurement of air quality and quality of PM2.5 and PM10 dust
  • Detection of hazardous gases
  • Control of ventilation and recuperation
  • Notifications in case of dangerous situations


An intelligent home is primarily about increasing comfort and facilitating everyday activities.

  • Voice control
  • Remote home control from applications for phones, tablets and smart watches
  • Automatic scenarios – grouping devices, schedules and scenes
  • Control over devices with one button or remote control
  • Combining all elements of the house into one ecosystem


FIBARO will ensure that your home has a minimal impact on the surroundings and the environment.

  • Intelligent heating control leading to a reduction in the demand for heating media
  • Build awareness through the energy panel and measure current electricity consumption
  • The use of dimmers, thermostats or intelligent heads leads to significant energy savings


In the FIBARO system, your savings are very important.

  • The heating system is intelligently controlled through schedules and the presence of the household members
  • The use of dimmers and LED drivers leads to a reduction in bills
  • The ability to use scenarios and automation ensures that no devices will be redundantly used

Fibaro Ecosystem

Technical Information

Product Support


Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite User Manual

Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite Product Overview

Videos / Youtube:

Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite Youtube Presentation

Technical Specifications

Application Smaller houses (recommended up to 100 m2) and apartments
Number of Supported Devices Recommended up to 40 Z-Wave devices
Communication Technologies Z-Wave 700
Network Technologies Wi-Fi 2.4GHz
CPU Single-Core ARM Cortex A7 900 MHz
Flash Memory 4 GB eMMC
Possibilities of Automation LUA, block scenes, panels, schedules
Maximum number of scenes Recommended up to 20 scenes
IP Cameras Support 1 IP camera
Plugins and Quick Apps Support 5 plugins and 10 quick apps
Migration Mechanism No
Operating in Connected Gateways Mode Only SLAVE mode


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