Z-Wave Home Automation Australia offers a wide range of Goap (Qubino) Smart Home products in Australia, using the 921.4 MHz frequency.

Goap is a leading innovator in Z-Wave smart home modules that manufactures in Europe, and distributes to the world. Goap’s range of Z-Wave Smart Home switches have recently been rebranded to Qubino. Qubino (Goap) are a European based innovator and manufacturer that specialises in Z-Wave Smart Home devices. Qubino (Goap) offers a wide range of devices with the aim to improve people’s lives in terms of safety, comfort and energy efficiency. Their electrical switches and devices can be used for a variety of solutions, like lighting, window and shutter, or even pool and spa automation.

Qubino’s (Goap) Smart Home devices are easy to install and, through Z-Wave technology, can help you control the electronics in your home wirelessly. Qubino (Goap) is known for their high quality products, so you can be confident that your Home Automation system is secure and durable. Browse our range of Qubino (Goap) products below!

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