Z-Wave Home Automation Australia offers a wide range of Aeotec Smart Home products in Australia, using the 921.4 MHz frequency.

The Aeotec Group manufactures excellent Z-Wave Smart Home products that assist in adding comfort and safety to your home.

Aeotec’s range of home automation devices uses the latest Z-Wave technology to automate lights, appliances, water monitoring, scenes, and more. Founded in 2006 in Silicon Valley, Aeotec has focused on creating an intelligent automation of electronics using the Internet of Things. After being acquired in 2018 by German electronics maker Popp & Co. Aeotec began to improve their devices to the latest Z-Wave technologies and even Zigbee.

Aeotec’s Smart Home devices are easy to install and, through Z-Wave technology, can help you control the electronics in your home wirelessly. Aeotec is known for their high quality products, so you can be confident that your Home Automation system is secure and durable. Browse our range of Aeotec products below!

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