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What is Z-Wave?

Z-Wave is an innovative, next-generation wireless home automation technology offering advanced capabilities that make it the most flexible solution for all home automation systems. It can be used to remotely control almost every electronic device in your household from thermostats and lighting to electronic audio and video equipment. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves which easily travel through walls, floors and furniture ensuring your Z-Wave network is secure and effective.

How Does Z-Wave Work?

The whole system is based around the central home controller, for example the Vera 3/Lite or Fibaro controller. It monitors the states of the devices around it and sends the information to the central controller using a secure encrypted channel or to your smartphone or PC using an internet connection. It allows the user to remotely change the state of their devices using a smartphone by first decrypting a message and then forwarding it to the desired device. The central home controller can also be set to automatically turn devices ON/OFF when a sensor is tripped.

For example you can configure your Z-Wave system to automatically turn on the siren when a motion sensor is tripped. You can also configure your Z-Wave network to send you automated notifications via SMS or email and to save pictures or footage depending on which devices become tripped in your home. You can arm or disarm your system on the go with your smart phone or at home with a conveniently placed switch.

Why choose Z-Wave? 

Being one of the most advanced Home Automation systems to date, Z-Wave is dependable, affordable and most importantly easy to assemble without laying down expensive cables.

Interference Free:

Z-Wave operates on a low radio frequency (921.42 in Australia and New Zealand) which means no interference from other wireless devices in your home, while its device encryption also ensures no interference from nearby Z-Wave systems.

MESH Networking Technology:

Z-Wave devices are not only able to communicate with the home controller but also any nearby devices in the network. They are also capable of forwarding commands from the home controller to neighboring devices, effectively increasing the range of your network and assuring its responsiveness is not only fast but also reliable.


You don’t have to build your entire home automation system in one go. You can add new devices to your Z-Wave network whenever you wish allowing you to tailor your system to your ever-changing needs.


Z-Wave is designed not only to conserve power to ensure that it lasts as long as possible but also to warn you when it is time to replace the batteries in your devices ensuring that your system always functions as it is supposed to.


Not only does Z-Wave allow you to remotely monitor and control your home it also allows you to create unlimited scenarios to enhance your way of life. You can automatically switch on your sirens when an alarm is triggered or turn off your child’s night lamp when they fall asleep. The list is endless…


Unlike expensive home automation systems that require special wiring and professional installation Z-Wave uses secure wireless technology to communicate between devices. This makes it easier, quicker and cheaper to assemble.


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