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Z-Wave can be confusing for new users. Here’s some key information about the Z-Wave system:

A single Z-Wave network supports up to 232 devices. Multiple Z-Wave networks can be combined via gateways.

Scenes in Home Automation are a pre-set combination of actions that occur at the touch of a single button. For example, touch one button and enter a “Movie Night” scene where all your lights dim to 20% and the TV turns on.

A typical homeowner can outfit a house with a basic, entry level Z-Wave system for less than $600.

While you can use a hand held Z-Wave remote control for basic installations, a central home controller is necessary to perform advanced functions.

If you need a professional consultation and tech support on your specific project, or professional advice on Smart Home installations, you can purchase our paid Tech Support package for high quality advice at an hourly rate.

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