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Z-Wave Automation Bridge

Z-Wave Automation Bridge


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The Skaro Home Automation Bridge works in conjunction with your VeraEdge, VeraPlus or Fibaro Home Center Z-Wave gateway controller to provide seamless integration to your scenes and devices through Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit voice assistants.

What is it ?

Automation Bridge (by Skaro Technology) interfaces with Fibaro Home Center 2Fibaro Home Centre Lite & VeraEdge ,VeraPlus Z-Wave Gateway Controllers. ​​Once connected to your home network, Automation Bridge will discover your Z-Wave devices and scenes and allow you to control your living spaces via Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Siri. Turn Z-Wave devices on or off, dim lights and run scenes all by using only your voice! Learn more.

How do I use it ?

Simply connect the Home Automation bridge hardware (a small, low-powered device) to your home router or network switch via the included Ethernet cable.

Once connected, you will be able to securely access the clean, easy to use interface via your local web browser. Setup and unification of your smart home devices is then as simple as “point and click” – no complicated coding – you will be up and running in minutes.

HA Bridge


All communication to/from external voice services is secured with HTTPS using SSL certificates, no identifiable data is stored on our server platforms, nor transmitted between providers.


Has been extensively tested with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and iOS HomeKit.

What Else

A built-in network discovery tool allows Home Automation bridge to automatically find other smart devices in your home. Once discovered, you can then choose to pay a small fee and download a plugin – further expanding the capabilities (please note this feature is currently limited to Fibaro controllers)

Home Away Detection

Simple to configure and easy to use Home/Away detection module, setup for each device in your household to run scenes each time a device arrives or leaves, plus you can also choose to run scenes when anyone arrives, and when everyone has left the Home zone.

Voice Announcements

Available with Google Home smart speakers only, send announcements from your controller based on events or actions to better alert or inform users in your home, or use as part of an alarm process.

Wall Panels

Using a Tablet, create a layout for a wall mounted interface, providing quick access and control to all your devices.

Available Plugins (Fibaro HC2 & HCL)

Bose SoundTouch

The Bose plugin can find all your SoundTouch devices and automatically add them to Fibaro Home Center. With full functionality for on/off, station presets and volume control. ✅Fibaro HC2 ✅Fibaro HCL


The Sonos plugin can find all your Sonos Speakers and add them to Fibaro Home Center, with all actions and favourites. It also supports using your Sonos speakers for Voice Announcements (TTS). ✅Fibaro HC2 ✅Fibaro HCL

Logitech Harmony Hub

Add your Harmony Hub into your platform, enabling control of your AV activities from scenes, and also adding in voice control, eg ‘Turn on the TV’ ✅Fibaro HC2 ✅Fibaro HCL

Doorbird Intercoms

Add your intercom(s) to your Fibaro controller, creates both the Camera object & VD to control relay/ir led. Also allows you to select the scenes to run each time the doorbell is pressed or motion is detected. ✅Fibaro HC2 ✅Fibaro HCL

iRobot Roomba

Connect up your Roomba vacuum to your Fibaro controllers, then you can start/stop/dock based on logic and scenes you already have. ✅Fibaro HC2 ✅Fibaro HCL

Netatmo Weather Station

Add your weather station and its modules, with all associated readings in 2 clicks of the mouse, and use these in your Scenes. ✅Fibaro HC2 ✅Fibaro HCL

iTach Flex

Add in support for the iTach Flex IR device, supports both the Ethernet & WiFi models, linked an extensive online IR library, just select your device and it downloads the IR codes, no learning the remote! ✅Fibaro HC2

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