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QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer


QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer


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The QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer (manufactured by GOAP in Europe) is the first MOSFET- switching lights/fan Z-Wave dimmer module that also supports control of low-voltage halogen lamps with electronic transformer, dimmable compact fluorescent lights and dimmable LED bulbs. It also measures the power consumption of electricat devices and supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor.

Device Manual

QUBINO modules are “install-and-forget” products. QUBINO are made to last, so we only select and use top-quality electronic components. These modules are also the most tested Z-Wave microcontrollers on the market. The Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ), an independent testing body, tests safety parameters including temperature rise, construction, insulation resistance, power consumption and overload in accordance with the EN 60669-2-1 standard.

Supported switches

Module supports mono-stable switches (push button) and bi-stable switches (toggle switches). The module is factory set to operate with mono-stable switches.

Product Details

All GOAP modules are manufactured in Europe.

  • The QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer module occupies a smaller volume than comparable modules of any other brand and will fit easily in any flush mounting box.
  • The QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer can measure the power consumption of the connected electrical device and itself has an extremely low power consumption of just 0.7 W.
  • The QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer can operate across a wide temperature range, from a chilly -10˚C to a scorching 40˚C (14˚–104˚F). It supports the connection of a digital temperature sensor, which is also useful for creating complex scenarios. Every module also acts as a repeater in order to improve the range and stability of the Z-Wave network.
  • Unlimited controlling capability through gateway
  • Z-Wave Plus compliant
  • 23 additional parameters for expert users

Technical Information

Device Manuals

QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer Manual

QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer Compatibility List

Technical Specifications

Product Name: QUBINO Z-Wave Dimmer
Powered by: 24V DC or 240V AC
Operation Range: 30 metres
Max Load: 140W (240VAC) – 21W (24VDC)
Radio Frequency: 921.42 MHz (AU/NZ Z-Wave)
Power Consumption: 0.7W
Operation Temperature: -10°C- 40°C
Temperature Measured Range: 0.1°C (within -25°C – 80°C range) (optional sensor)
Temperature Measuring accuracy: 0.5°C
Enclosure: Plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D): 41.8 x 36.8 x 16.9mm


QUBINO Flush Dimmer: The Smallest Z-Wave Module

QUBINO Flush Dimmer – Dimming 24V DC LED Strip


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