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Smart Home Installation Cost Guide

Smart Home Installation Cost Guide

Smart Home Automation is a popular home improvement in Australia, allowing you to control the appliances and technology in your home with ease.  Although, how much will installing a Home Automation system cost you?

Smart Home Automation is a broad term which offers a variety of solutions and services, this makes it hard to put an exact price on. Pricing for Smart Home systems depends on the amount of solutions, devices and time required to install, for example a simple garage door or climate control automation will be significantly cheaper than automating your whole home with lighting, security and audio/video automation. An important cost to note is that the average hourly rate for Smart Home professionals is between $75 and $150 per hour. An additional cost to remember is that a Smart Home system requires a secure and strong internet connection. To give you a rough idea of the costs involved please read the table below.

Average Smart Home Project Pricing:

National Average Price: $2,500 AUD
Low-End Rate: $1,175 AUD
High End Rate: $9,500 AUD


Sparky Search Platform

To help our customers find qualified and reliable electricians for Smart Home Installation services, Z-Wave Home Automation Australia has partnered with Sparky Search. Sparky Search is an Australian platform which aims to connect Australians with qualified electricians for a range of different services such as Smart Home Automation, Audio/Video Installations or General Electrical work. If you’d like to find a Smart Home expert near you simply fill out the Sparky Search form and their team will find a suitable professional for you.


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Tips for Smart Home Automation

1.Some Smart Home automation devices work with over 240V. You should never install devices that require 240V or more. Installing 240V devices without correct knowledge poses severe safety risks, insurance problems and can ruin the warranty on these devices. We recommend only using qualified electricians when installing these devices.

2.Lighting Solutions such as dimmers or automation switches need a qualified, experienced electrician to set it up because they use device that require 240V of energy.

3.You can install low voltage devices in a DIY style although there is time and hassle involved with learning a new piece of technology. Depending on your situation it may be better to just hire a professional to install your system for you.

4.We recommend using an expert for Garage Door automation as well because these solutions tend to be quite difficult to install and require experience and knowledge to do right. If you attempt to do it yourself you may damage the devices, your garage door, or injure yourself.

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