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The Fibaro HC3 Lite is Coming to Australia!

The Fibaro HC3 Lite is Coming to Australia!

The new Fibaro HC3 Lite is coming to Z-Wave Home Automation Australia in Q2 2021! This new Fibaro home controller offers impressive hardware and integration options.

Fibaro is a smart home leader based on the Internet of Things technology. Founded in Poland, Fibaro focuses on manufacturing high quality, European made Z-Wave devices that offer secure and durable Home Automation solutions.

Fibaro’s range of home automation devices use the latest Z-Wave technology to automation lights, appliances, water monitoring, scenes and more. Additionally, Fibaro offers a range of Z-Wave Home controllers that act as a hub for your Smart Home system. Last year Fibaro introduced the Fibaro Home Center 3 controller, which was a major upgrade from the previous Home Center 2. In addition to improved hardware and software, the HC3 Smart Home hub offers more integration options, including integration with the high quality, European-made NICE Gate and Garage Door motors and devices.

With the successful release of the Fibaro HC3 in Australia, Fibaro has now announced a new Fibaro HC3 Lite controller to replace the previous Fibaro Home Center Lite hub. This new controller is set to be released in Australia in Q2 2021 and will include the following hardware:

CPU: Single-Core ARM Cortex A7 900 MHz

The Fibaro Home Center 3 Lite is the perfect controller for small to medium sized Smart Homes and apartments. The system is recommended for Smart Homes with up to 40 Z-Wave devices and 20 scenes. But, don’t be mistaken by it’s size, the Fibaro HC3 Lite offers an affordable solution without having to compromise on quality. With this new system you’ll be able to automate a variety of solutions, including:

Fibaro HC3 Lite Features


Find out more about the Fibaro HC3 Lite in the presentation provided below!


Fibaro HC3 Lite Presentation (PDF)

Fibaro HC3 Lite Manual

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