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PiPIT Smart Meter Display
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Quick Overview


Please note this device is for Smart Meter users in Victoria only. It will not work properly with two element meter (e.g. when you have electric off-peak hot water at your home).
Pipit 500 is an in-home display that will allow you to see your electricity consumption and save. The Pipit 500 collects energy usage information from your Smart Meter and displays it on a LCD touch screen. In addition, the unit allows you to set-up alerts related to energy usage. 
The Pipit 500 connects (pairs) wirelessly to your smart meter using a Home Area Network (HAN) which is built into both the Smart Meter and the Pipit 500. This is a unique pairing and, importantly, only the data from your Smart Meter will be visible on your Pipit 500. Energy data is presented instantaneously in $/c. Traffic light indicators provide instant visibility of energy consumption. Targets can be set for daily consumption, this is a guide along your journey to save.
A historical data view helps you identify high and low consumption periods; having information allows you to manage your usage.

Please note that PiPIT is not compatible with Smart Meters installed and maintained by SP Ausnet distributror. However, the other electricity distributors (e.g. United Energy, Jemena, Citipower, Powercor)  opened their smart meters for the integration with PiPIT. Before deciding to buy PiPIT please read this information and check if your smart meter is compatible with PiPIT: Read Here.

Product Details


Simple and elegant design: We believe in simplicity and our products reflect the same, be it Smart Meters or In-Home Displays. We have designed Pipit to suit and fit with any sort of interiors. It’s cream and black coloured body will suit any of your furniture/appliances etc. It’s ergonomic shape and small size makes it a very handy device.

Easy pairing (binding) with Smart Meter: No user intervention is required at Pipit for pairing it to the Smart Meter. Just power-it-up and it will get paired to the right Smart Meter automatically, provided pairing window is open at the Smart Meter. This is typically a one off task and the device that is paired will be remembered, even if power is lost. Once paired Pipit starts collecting the energy data from the Smart Meter automatically. Click here and get started with the pairing.

Wireless communication: Pipit connects (pairs) wirelessly to your Smart Meter using a Home Area Network which is built into both the Smart Meter and the Pipit 500. All energy data information exchange taken places over the air so you don’t have worry about wiring related problems. This makes Pipit a free floating device in the house and so you can place it anywhere in the house like in kitchen, lounge, bedroom etc as per your convenience.  Importantly, only the data from your Smart Meter will be visible on your Pipit 500.

Energy usage information: Presents near real-time information on the energy you are currently using. Usage can be seen in $/hr, Watts, CO2 gm/hr. You can even know which appliance is consuming what by switching them ON-OFF and by watching the changing patterns on Pipit. Pipit also allows you to check your past energy usage patterns in easy to understand graphical form. Usage patterns are available in hourly, daily, weekly and monthly form, again in $, kWh and CO2 kg units.

Customised alerts: Allows you to set-up threshold alerts to inform you when your consumption is higher than you want it to be. Traffic light indicators on top of LCD identify you current consumption status – Low, Med, High. The same is also displayed on home screen. You can set daily target in $, kWh or CO2 kg units, which gets displayed on the home screen in form of a bucket.

Solar generation monitoring: If you have solar panels or other micro-generation systems installed in your house and if you have your Smart Meter configured for co-gen tariff then you should know that Pipit is capable to display net generation/consumption data - instantaneous as well as history data.
Product Support


Currently for Victorian electricity consumers (excluding SP Ausnet clients) only. Other states will be added in future with the introduction of Smart Meters in respective state.

⇒ PiPIT Product manual   (Size: 543KB)

Technical Specifications


Product Name 
Pipit 500, BGX501-792-R03
ZigBee Smart Meter Display
Manufactured to
ISO 9001
5V DC from 230V 50Hz AC adaptor, <0.6W
Zigbee 2.4 GHz
Compatible to
Jemena / United Energy distribution network
Citipower / Powercor distribution network
Not compatible with SP Ausnet
Operation temperature
-20°C to 50°C
Certification C-Tick
Net Weight
200 gm
115mm x 80mm x 40mm (approx.)











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